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A Free Way to Clear Your Mind, Beauties!

I've been yearning to meditate for months. I've researched, talked to friends, googled YouTube videos on "How to Meditate" and downloaded countless apps to jumpstart my meditation life. I would stick with it or try an app for a week at the most, but it never truly felt like I was "doing it right". It didn't give me the amazing vibrational feeling that you hear about - UNTIL TODAY.

I truly believe that what we ask God for, ask the Universe for will be provided. And today, the transaction was complete! Yes, I'd been wanting to meditate for months, but it wasn't until about a month ago that I really shared with someone and put it out into the universe that I wanted to truly make it a part of my daily life.

Two weeks ago, I found myself at a Public Library - YES a library. I had not been to a library since I graduated from college. In my post-college life, I found myself at my local Barnes and Noble with my green tea latte sitting on the floor trying to decide between a pile of books which 2 books to pick because I wanted them all.

At the library - I checked them ALL OUT lol It was so liberating. As I checked my books out, I saw an announcement for FREE (we all love that word) meditation classes. I've been counting down the days to the class until I attended today.

It was truly amazing. So intimate. Legitimate and liberating. I will share more about my experience, but I wanted to share this quickly as a call to action for you to find free meditation classes in your neighborhood.

Many public libraries offer these 30 minute classes, which will benefit your next 30 days so greatly - what a return on your investment! It's priceless - LITERALLY ;)

Just google - "Free meditation classes near me" - and let the google floodgates open with your ask! Let me know how it goes! <3 xo Canicka

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