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Pandemic Birthday Ideas | Southern Belle Strawberry Farm

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

If you live in Georgia, I have the perfect idea for you! Last year, 2020 - I completely socially distanced. My birthday is on May 12th and on previous birthdays, I left the country or state to celebrate!

However, since we've been in a pandemic, traveling was not possible. So, the next best thing to feel like I'd traveled a distance to explore somewhere new, out in the open with fresh new air - LITERALLY - was a quick trip to Southern Belle Strawberry Farm!

We found the perfect place to have a Moet champagne and strawberry picnic!

The strawberries were the sweetest strawberries that I've ever tasted. Even more so fulfilling? That I picked them myself!

For those who'd like to remain socially distanced, here is a direct quote from their website "We are promoting the practice of social distancing for the safety of our customers and staff."

Strawberry Prices:

Patch Admission Fee: $1.00 U-Pick 1 Gallon: $14.95 Pre-picked* 1 Gallon: $16.95

I hope that you go and enjoy it as much as I did! If you do, please let me know :) Find me on instagram! @CanickaCabarras

ENJOY and happy picking! :)

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