Canicka is a seasoned model, media personality, beauty expert, brand strategist, moderator & motivational speaker. She has been seen regularly as an on-air host Disney, Jewelry Television Network, FOX Sports, NBC and more. Traveling as the FOX Sports South host and brand spokesperson to the Superbowl, MLB All-Star Game, NBA All- Star Game, NASCAR’s Daytona 500, NHL & PGA. She also served as a host  for the Southeast Emmys, The Travel Channel and Modern Luxury Live. 


She has a true passion for connecting with others via multimedia, having interviewed influencers from a wide range of backgrounds including Robert Smith, Wesley Snipes, Chipper Jones, Freddie Freeman, Evan Gattis, Craig Kimbrel, Curtis Granderson of the NY Mets,  the Atlanta Falcons, the Atlanta Hawks and Brian McCann of the Houston Astros. She is a cum laude graduate from Georgia State University holding a double degree in Broadcast Journalism and Marketing and is a Master of Arts candidate with a focus on Clinical Mental Health. Her state, community and global contributions as well as educational and scholarly contributions, led to her being voted as one of Atlanta, Georgia's 50 Most Beautiful People and honored as one of Georgia's 30 Under 30.    

She received her MAC cosmetics pro certification and launched her own successful makeup company known as Makeup By Canicka, and spent many years serving as lead beauty advisor and educator for multi-million  dollar beauty brand. Her experience in the beauty industry inspired Canicka to pay as much attention to the growth of her inner beauty. 

The progressive technology industry, media and women empowerment is a passion of Canicka's. She consults with various brands as a brand strategist and media representative. 


In her spare time, Canicka is a health enthusiast, seasoned singer, songwriter and actress who has served as an ambassador for girls through her work with the Women’s Sports Foundation, The Buckhead Christian Ministries, and World Vision. She has been involved in pageantry both as a contestant and judge. This certified Miss America Organization judge has volunteered her time to judge local and state competitions throughout the great state of Georgia, so she understands first hand the positive impact that pageantry has on young women and the lifetime skills developed through their participation. 


Visiting over 40 international destinations, her primary goal is to use her faith and life experience to enhance the awareness of  purpose and mental health across the globe, promote inner beauty and empower others to become the best versions of themselves as she continues her journey in media. Follow Canicka on Social Media!



Being a billionaire of beauty is about possessing and owning your inner beauty and fearlessly sharing that beauty with the world. 


Beauty Billionaires™ walk with exposed outer beauty,

but in tandem with their inner beauty

that clearly shines the brightest.

It’s about supporting others. It’s about compliments and confidence. It’s about searching for and finding your beautiful purpose. It’s about knowing that no one else possesses your fingerprints, no one else can bring to this earth the same energy and the purpose that you do. That is worth billions…and there is endless beauty in that. 

Beauty Billionaires are fashion forward in their own right, in their own skin, in their own way. Each unique and globally beautiful, universally powerful, uniquely glamorous. They rock what works for them, they speak from deep within. They fight for what they believe in, with an open heart to others opinions. 

Beauty Billionaires are those whose tests have created their beautiful testimony. Those who desire to share their story of glory. Those in the midst of a beautiful storm expecting their rainbow. The movers, the shakers, the dreamers, the doers, the achievers, the ones who have learned from their mistakes. We all possess the so-called POWER of a billionaire. It lies within us and we can shine in that power each and every day. Inside and out. It’s about knowing that you can accomplish ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you believe in. It’s no secret, it’s within you. You just have to know there’s billions in your unique beauty. 

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