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Conquering Setbacks

As it is always good practice to reflect on past events, conversations and reasons for things, it is important to remember to live and let live. I often find myself in periods of introspection, thinking about my actions and what I could have done differently to receive different outcomes, but I always go back to what I know is true... all things are working together for our good and according to our purpose.

I personally reference Romans 8:28 to to confirm this. No matter your faith, there is a higher power working with you - there is so much power in that. You're not in this alone.

So take a deep breath and exhale when things come your way :). When things don't go just as we have planned, or take a turn that we perceive as negative, it's so easy to beat ourselves up or take it as a setback, but it is merely a setup for your comeback.

Don't beat yourself up or question for too long! There is a greater purpose in each step that we take. Trust the process and continue the beautiful journey with a lesson learned, ‪#‎BeautyBillionaires‬ and never give up! 💪Sunshine always comes after the storm. There is something greater that's awaits you 👑

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